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Authentic Malaysian Street Food

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Bringing the best of Malaysian street food to Auckland's north shore.  We serve Malaysian food as you would get it off the streets and coffee shops in Malaysia.

All of our sauces are made from scratch, and combined with the freshest local produce to create amazing flavours just as you would experience when dining in Malaysia.  

Pickup and Delivery options available through Uber Eats

Phone in 09-600 3388  or

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A'ruma Malaysian Long Bay

Business hours

Tuesday - Sunday

11am - 2:30pm

5pm - 8pm

Closed on Mondays

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Our Story

A’ruma is a name derived from the Malay word “Rumah” meaning “Home”. 

This represents the soul of our restaurant – warm Malaysian hospitality along with the sensuous aromas of the typical authentic Malaysian fare.

We believe in connecting people and building relationships through food that nourishes the soul. We love to share our culture and passion for Malaysian food by bringing great authentic experiences to our customers in the community we live in.


“I was born into a family with proud Malaysian Peranakan lineage.  Peranakan refers to an ethnic group of mixed Chinese and Malay heritage that has particular cultural practices unique to them.  A significant peculiarity of this culture is their passion for food, and the resulting colourful variety of food.  Our daily lives revolved around the kitchen (a routine that we have carried on until today).  Our kitchen was the largest living area in the home, where three generations of family would spend most of the entire day in the kitchen and that’s where we have our daily light hearted banter and arguments.  Everyone in the family was expected to help out in the cooking and being at the end of the chain of command order of hierarchy, I usually ended up with laborious task of peeling the onions and the endless pounding of fresh spices on the pestle and mortar.   My grandma was a perfectionist when it came to cooking, she has passed on to us many invaluable tips and recipes, some of which our guests get to enjoy in our restaurant today”

                                                                        Brian Teoh

                                             (Owner of A’ruma Malaysian)

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What some of our customers are saying about us

"Great authentic flavours from family recipes. We were pleasantly surprised at this local find. Will definitely be back (soon!)."

"Had a lovely meal with friends. Everyone ordered different dishes and they all looked amazing. Great service and we'll definitely be back. Great local restaurant."

"Just had lunch at A'ruma, best meal and service around. Would recommend this restaurant to anyone who appreciates excellent food."

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